Sylhet, July 10 (V7N)- Although the sky was clear in Sylhet on Monday, heavy rainfall started on Tuesday (July 9) afternoon. Due to rainfall in India, upstream floodwaters are causing the Surma and Kushiyara rivers to rise. Meanwhile, as the water receded on Monday (July 8), many people returned home from shelters. Many more returned on Tuesday.
Some are preparing to return home, bringing relief to the flood-affected people. However, the Meteorological Department's forecast of continuous heavy rainfall for the next two days has created new concerns. Sajib Hossain, Assistant Meteorologist at the Sylhet Weather Office, reported that Sylhet received 86 mm of rainfall in the past 36 hours until 6 PM on Tuesday (July 9).
Meanwhile, the flood situation in the Kushiyara river-adjacent areas of Zakiganj, Balaganj, Osmaninagar, South Surma, Beanibazar, Golapganj, and Fenchuganj remains stable. Roads in the flooded areas are still submerged, and many educational institutions remain underwater.
However, the flood situation has improved in the Surma river-adjacent areas of Gowainghat, Companiganj, and Jaintapur upazilas. Water levels have started to recede in these upazilas, and those who took refuge in shelters have begun to return home.
The Meteorological Department has forecasted continuous heavy rainfall for another two days in the Sylhet division. Additionally, there may be scattered storms and rainfall in other divisions, according to the government agency's forecast.
According to the Sylhet District Administration, 101 unions in 13 upazilas of the district have been flooded. A total of 540,820 people from 1,064 villages have been affected by the floods. As of Tuesday (July 9) evening, 9,360 people have taken shelter in 650 shelters in the district.
According to the Water Development Board, as of 6 PM on Tuesday (July 9), the water levels at three points in the Surma and Kushiyara rivers were flowing above the danger level. As of the latest reports (6 PM), the water at the Kanaighat point of the Surma river was flowing 28 centimeters above the danger level. Additionally, the water levels of the Kushiyara river at the Amalshid point and the Fenchuganj point were flowing 43 centimeters and 91 centimeters above the danger level, respectively. In the past 24 hours, the water levels of the Sheola, Lova, Sari, and Dawki rivers have also decreased.