V7N, 05 July 2024- Sir Keir Starmer has led the Labour Party from the depths of defeat to a historic election victory, becoming only the fifth person in British history to take Labour from opposition to power. His journey from a political low point in 2021 to victory in 2024 has been remarkable.

Born in Oxted on the Kent-Surrey border, Keir Starmer is one of four children. Raised by a toolmaker father and a nurse mother suffering from Still’s disease, he experienced the challenges of growing up during the high inflation of the 1970s. Starmer was the first in his family to attend university, studying law at Leeds University and Oxford.

Starmer's legal career was distinguished by his dedication to human rights. He became a prominent human rights lawyer and, in 2008, was appointed Director of Public Prosecutions. His tenure saw significant prosecutions, including the MPs’ expenses scandal and Lib Dem minister Chris Huhne’s case. He was knighted in 2014 for his services to law and criminal justice.

Starmer entered politics later in life, becoming an MP in 2015. He initially served as Shadow Immigration Minister under Jeremy Corbyn but resigned following the Brexit referendum. He later returned as Shadow Brexit Secretary, advocating for a second referendum.

Starmer won the Labour leadership in 2020, inheriting a party in disarray after a disastrous 2019 election. He faced early setbacks, including a significant loss in the Hartlepool by-election. However, his leadership style evolved, marked by a ruthless approach to party discipline and a shift in economic policy.

Labour's fortunes began to change after the Downing Street parties scandal and the Liz Truss mini-budget fiasco. By November 2021, Labour had overtaken the Conservatives in the polls, maintaining a significant lead.

Married to Victoria, who works in the NHS, Starmer is a family man concerned about the impact of his public role on his teenage children. Despite the challenges, the Starmer family is preparing for life in Downing Street.

Sir Keir Starmer’s journey from considering resignation in 2021 to leading Labour to victory in 2024 highlights his resilience and strategic acumen. His leadership has transformed the Labour Party, and his tenure as Prime Minister will now begin, marking a new chapter in British politics.