The mummified remains of an American climber have been discovered 22 years after he vanished while climbing a mountain in Peru. The British media reported this information via the BBC on Wednesday, July 10.

In 2002, 59-year-old William Stumpfall set out to climb the 22,000-foot-high Huascarán mountain in Peru. During the ascent, he and his team were struck by a snowstorm. When Stumpfall could not be located afterward, a search mission was initiated, but it was ultimately unsuccessful.

On Monday, July 8, Peruvian police recovered his body in an 'intact' condition. The police stated, "Stumpfall was buried under the snow for so long. His body has been exposed as ice melts in the Cordillera Blanca range of the Andes due to climate change."

Photos provided by the police reveal that Stumpfall's body, clothes, decorations, and shoes remained well-preserved due to the snow. Even his passport was found with him, which facilitated easy identification.