Chatmohar, July 4 (V7N)- I vaguely remember my father's face, not clearly. When someone asks about him, my heart breaks. I always think of him. Due to various issues, I couldn't search for him. Lately, I've been thinking about him a lot. After my marriage, when the topic of my father came up, I faced harsh words from my in-laws. But I'm not an illegitimate child. I have a father. 
He was with us for many years, living in my maternal grandfather's area and running a business. Many people know him. This is the first time I've come to Chatmohar to search for him."
As she spoke, tears repeatedly streamed down the face of Rupa Khatun (25), a young woman from Narail who came to Pabna's Chatmohar in search of her father.
Rupa is searching various areas of Chatmohar for her father. She was seen in the Chatmohar Upazila Gate area last Tuesday (July 2) afternoon. Rupa is a resident of Choto Kalia in Kalia Upazila, Narail. Her father's name is Nur Islam Molla.
Rupa told Voice7 News, "From my mother and uncles, I heard that about thirty to thirty-five years ago, my father, Nur Islam Molla, went to Shuktigram in Kalia Upazila of Narail from Chatmohar. He became close with a man named Gaffar Ali and started living under his shelter. Nur Islam Molla lived in Gaffar Ali's house for two to three years. During this time, he married Rahima Begum (Rupa's mother), the daughter of Altaf Molla from Choto Kalia."
After marriage, they lived in Altaf Molla's house with his wife. Nur Islam Molla opened a vegetable shop in the area and bought six percent of the land in Boro Kalia. Rupa Khatun and Nurjahan were born to Nur Islam Molla and Rahima Begum. Their days were going well.
After living in Shuktigram, Choto Kalia, and Boro Kalia for about fourteen to fifteen years, when Rupa was four years old, one day Nur Islam Molla went to Khulna to sell cabbage. This was about twenty years ago. After selling the cabbage, he never returned home. Despite searching all possible places, her mother and uncles couldn't find him.
In frustration, Rahima Begum never went to Chatmohar to look for her husband. They only heard that Nur Islam Molla's home was in a village called Diar or Diyar or something similar in Chatmohar. Rahima Begum lives under her brother's shelter with her daughters, Rupa and Nurjahan, and has married them off.
Rupa told Voice7 News that her father would now be between 50 to 60 years old, about five feet six inches tall, with a small, light beard. They don't even have a picture of him. They don't know if her father told the truth or lied about having a home in Chatmohar. They don't know if he is alive or dead. From what they've heard, her grandfather's name was Abdul Molla. If she can't find her father, she feels like dying. Rupa has sought everyone's help in finding her father.