Unnao, July 10 – In a devastating accident early Wednesday morning, a passenger bus overturned after colliding with a milk truck on the Lucknow-Agra Expressway in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. The tragic incident has resulted in the deaths of at least 18 people, with more than 30 others seriously injured and currently receiving treatment at a local hospital.

The accident occurred in the Behtamuzawa area when a double-decker sleeper bus traveling from Shivgarh in Bihar to Delhi collided with a milk container truck. The collision happened around the early hours, catching many of the bus passengers asleep. The sudden impact left passengers scattered across the road, creating a scene of chaos and tragedy.

Local residents were quick to respond, arriving at the site to find bodies strewn along the expressway. The Behtamuzawa stretch of the Lucknow-Agra Expressway was transformed into a scene of carnage within moments. Authorities quickly dispatched a large police force to the location to manage the aftermath and initiate rescue operations.

Emergency services worked swiftly to transport the injured to a nearby hospital, where several individuals are reported to be in critical condition. The Uttar Pradesh government has acknowledged the severity of the incident, indicating that the death toll may increase as more information becomes available.

The state of Uttar Pradesh has been marred by a series of tragic incidents, with this accident in Unnao following closely on the heels of other recent calamities. The local authorities have initiated an investigation into the accident to determine the exact cause and to ensure that necessary measures are taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

This accident underscores the urgent need for enhanced road safety measures and stricter enforcement of traffic regulations to prevent further loss of life on India's highways.