Mumbai, July 9 – In just four days, Anant Ambani, the younger son of billionaire Mukesh Ambani, will wed his girlfriend Radhika Merchant, sparking global interest in what promises to be a royal event. Speculation is rife about the staggering costs of the wedding, with estimates ranging from $100 million to over $120 million, potentially placing it among the world's most expensive weddings.

Anant Ambani's upcoming nuptials with Radhika Merchant, daughter of Indian billionaire Viren Merchant, are generating widespread buzz. Media reports suggest that the wedding could cost upwards of $120 million, breaking past records for extravagance.

Thousands of guests, including VVIPs, VIPs, cricket stars, Bollywood celebrities, Hollywood A-listers, and prominent politicians, have been invited. The influx of guests has driven up room rates in Mumbai's luxury hotels, with prices soaring from ₹13,000 to over ₹100,000 per night. Hotels in the Bandra-Kurla complex, a key business district, are fully booked through July 14, according to local reports.

The scale of this wedding reflects a broader trend of increasingly lavish ceremonies among India's elite. CNN recently highlighted how the Ambani family is setting new benchmarks for opulent weddings. Research firm Jefferies notes that India's wedding industry has surged post-pandemic, now valued at $130 billion annually. Despite being mindful of expenditures, Indians across all social strata are willing to invest heavily in weddings, with average costs around $15,000—three times the average annual household income.

This willingness to spend extravagantly on weddings underscores their significance as markers of power and prestige in Indian society. Many South Asians allocate a substantial portion of their life savings to their children's marriages, with the grandeur of ceremonies often reflecting India's economic growth. The average Indian wedding hosts 326 guests, compared to 115 in the United States, with affluent weddings drawing thousands of attendees and often taking place in exotic locations abroad.

India's rapid economic expansion is expected to fuel this trend further. By 2027, India is projected to become the world's third-largest economy. Knight Frank, a housing sector consulting firm, predicts a 50% increase in individuals with assets exceeding $30 million by 2028, the fastest growth rate globally. Additionally, by 2030, India's middle class is anticipated to surpass 600 million people, accounting for over 80% of national consumption.

As Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant prepare to tie the knot, the event symbolizes both personal celebration and the broader economic and social shifts within India.