Dhaka, July 10 – Bangladeshi actress Rafiat Rasheed Mithila continues to expand her influence in Bengali cinema, with her latest film, 'Ancient Proverb of the Forest', released in Kolkata last Friday. This marks Mithila’s third film to debut in Kolkata, showcasing her growing prominence in the neighboring Indian film industry.

Directed by Dulal Dey, 'Ancient Proverb of the Forest' has garnered significant attention and praise. Mithila's portrayal of Devyani, a nurse in a rural hospital, has been particularly noted for its naturalism and depth. Indian critics have lauded both the film and Mithila’s performance, emphasizing her ability to captivate audiences without relying on heavy makeup or over-the-top dramatics.

On the same day, 'Toofan', another highly anticipated film starring Bangladeshi actor Shakib Khan and directed by Raihan Rafi, also premiered in various theaters across West Bengal. Despite the competition, 'Ancient Proverb of the Forest' has managed to hold its own in the regional cinematic discussions.

The film, set in the Panaghat Suburb, unravels the mysterious death of a young doctor in a local hospital. Jeetu Kamal stars as Aranya Chatterjee, an amateur cricketer-turned-detective, while Mithila’s Devyani plays a pivotal role in the unfolding narrative. According to Kolkata’s Anandabazar newspaper, the film’s story progresses intricately, much like peeling an onion, with a climactic surprise revealed in the final scenes.

Mithila expressed her satisfaction with the film's reception in an interview, noting, "I received positive responses and appreciation for all the movies that were released in Kolkata. Among them, the movie 'Maya' is doing very well. 'Abhagi' won the award. *Ethics* is not far behind. I received more than expected in Kolkata cinema."

Director Dulal Dey approached Mithila for the role, explaining the story and her character, which led to her enthusiastic participation. “I liked the story and characters,” Mithila said, highlighting her ongoing commitment to working in both Bangladeshi and Indian Bengali films.

Mithila’s upcoming projects include the film 'Meghla', where she plays the central role, set for release in Kolkata. Additionally, two of her films, 'Jale Jwale Tara' and 'Nuliachhari’s Sonar Pahar', are awaiting release in Bangladesh, promising further contributions to her flourishing career in regional cinema.