July 10 (V7N) – Yemen's Houthi armed group has claimed responsibility for attacking a U.S. cargo ship, Maersk Sentosa, with several ballistic missiles in the Arabian Sea on Tuesday. Yahya Sarea, spokesperson for the Iran-backed group, made the announcement in a statement, according to the AP news agency.

While no casualties were initially reported, the extent of the damage to the ship is believed to be significant. In addition to the attack on Maersk Sentosa, the Houthis also claimed to have carried out drone strikes on two other ships in the Gulf of Aden.

In response, the U.S. Central Command confirmed the destruction of a Houthi drone, highlighting ongoing tensions and conflict in the region. The attacks underscore the persistent threat to maritime security posed by the Houthi group and the broader geopolitical implications involving Iran and the United States.