Khulna, July 10 (V7N)- As part of the anti-quota movement 'Bangla Blockade' program, students of Government Brajlal College (BL College) and colleges affiliated to National University blocked the highway and railway in Khulna.
According to the pre-announced program demanding cancellation of quota in government jobs, they blocked the highway and railway in the new road area of ​​the city from 10 am on Wednesday (July 10).  During this time they started chanting different anti-quota slogans.
Sajedul Islam Bappi, a student who participated in the anti-quota movement, said that he is serving as the coordinator of the anti-discrimination student movement.  We are here today with a single demand.  Our demand is to end all quota discrimination in jobs from first to fourth class.  
Quota discrimination will end, after that we will leave the streets. There is no precedent of going back to any movement of the student society of this country, we will not go back empty handed.